The beaches of the Lidi Ferrarese

Nowadays characterised by wide roads and a concentration of shops and restaurants near the beach, the Lidi di Comacchio are a tourist destination which is rich in fun and entertainment.

Tourism in the Lidi Ferrarese, composed of the 7 Lidi di Comacchio, offers long beaches and clean sea for holidays suited to everyone, from families to the very young who will find opportunities for sport and social activities here. 
Estate agents in the Lidi Ferrraresi offer houses to rent which are suitable for all requirements, and the hotels offer every comfort. 

At Lido di Pomposa you can sunbathe or go for a walk, while your children play and bathe in complete safety
Here, as with the other lidos, it is possible to practice sport, to meet in the pubs, restaurants and pizzerias, and to go on excursions in valleys and oases.

European Blue Flag

The Lidi di Comacchio have been awarded the European Blue Flag for their beaches. Set up in 1987, the Blue Flag Campaign is managed in various countries by the FEE, the Foundation for Environmental Education.
The Blue Flag is assigned according to criteria which regard the waters of the coastal area, services for bathers, security measures and environmental education. They are characteristics which allow the achieving of standards necessary for the awarding of the important recognition.
Here are a few examples:

  •  complete conformity of the bathing water with no visible surface signs of pollution
  •  beaches kept constantly clean and fitted with bins
  •  a balance between beach activity and respect for nature
  •  access for people with disabilities
  •  efficient and easily accessible beach services and a total ban on unauthorised camping
  •  life belts and rescue boats
  •  environmental initiatives involving both tourists and residents and no discharge of industrial waters or sewage near the beaches.