Seaside vacation on Italy's Adriatic coast

The success of tourism in the Italian Adriatic coast is due to seaside resorts. Sacred Temple of summer fun, the riviera offers wide beaches where you can sunbathe and enjoy water sports. The tradition of tourism in this part of Italy is long, and coastal accommodation providers welcome tourists from all over the world.

Emilia Romagna Riviera is a stretch of coastline bathed by the Adriatic Sea about 100 km. In recent years are a growing success the localities of Ferrara, Comacchio and the seven lidos in particular with Blue Flag beaches. This important international recognition rewards resorts that provide clean water and guarantee respect for the environment.

Definitely not missing along the coast of Ferrara are the beaches: usually with fine sands and shoals that slope gently into the sea. The numerous bathing establishments are organized to provide sun chairs, umbrellas and all the services expected of the maritime stations. In summer all matches were sold out the beaches: seven hamlets of Comacchio with rhythms of life marked by the summer, in perfect symbiosis with maritime activities.

Stay in Ferrara means alternating burning sea days with excursions in the Po Delta Park. The northernmost lidos of Comacchio extend from Lido di Volano until Lido di Spina, close to Ravenna area. Each with different characteristics but share the lively maritime life and entertainment along the beaches.

In addition to sunbathing, tourists to the riviera di Comacchio can practice adventurous water sports: windsurfing kitesurfing, from traditional new frontier of fun. Always linked to water is the canoe, with international competitions that are held in the summer.

The riviera di Comacchio, in short, has nothing to envy to the other resorts of Romagna, and can boast a rich choice of accommodation a stone's throw from the beaches.

Entertainment of the Adriatic coast

The Italian Adriatic coast attracts thousands of tourists every year, especially in summer. The reason for this success lies in the variety of entertainment offered in addition to those seafarers. If the desire of wet is to alternate your days on the beach with other activities during your stay, with lots of opportunities to have fun.

The Adriatic coast stretches about 100 km and also includes the towns of the territory of Ferrara. Comacchio and the seven lidi offer attractions that delight tourists during the holiday. Tourism in this area is increasing, thanks to the variety of activities offered at the beach both inland.

The Comacchio valleys invite to long walks to get lost in the beautiful nature areas. Birdwatchers can arm themselves with binoculars to spot as many birds as possible. Equally exciting are the boat excursions, discovering the most picturesque in the company of guides.

A holiday in this part of the Adriatic coast is also history and art. You can visit Comacchio, known as the "little Venice" for the many canals that cross it. In the historic centre are monuments like the Trepponti and the Cathedral City. There is also room for history buffs: the Lido delle Nazioni rises Garibaldi's House, where the warlord took refuge in 1849 along with Anita.

A short drive separates the sea from the cities of Romagna rich in art and history. Ferrara for example has an intact old town and for this Unesco World Heritage site. Emilian area instead is Bologna with thousands of arcades and the monuments of the old city.

At sunset the lidi di Comacchio gives way to the typical Romagna movida. Bars, pubs and discos along the beaches liven up the summer nights, to the delight of those who enjoy the sunrise and have fun with music!